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Getting Married at St Mark’s

We are pleased that you are considering St Mark’s as a venue for your wedding.

St Mark’s is a small historic church located at Dromana, over the road from the beach which you can see as you exit the church, on the Mornington Peninsula. Seating up to 90 people it is ideal as a more intimate setting for a wedding service.

This information is also available as a pdf document.

What is Christian Marriage?

Christian marriage is a wonderful gift from God given so that a man and woman might experience the joy of human relationship in all its fullness. Marriage is understood in the context of God’s creative work in which human faithfulness mirrors the faithfulness of God, in whose image we are made. It’s a relationship that mirrors the relationship of God and His church – a relationship of self-giving love. It’s a relationship that wants and works toward the realization of each other’s God given potential. It’s a place where children can be born and grow in love and with a sense of safety and security.

Marriage is recognized within our broader society and gives certain legal rights and privileges to partners and any children of the marriage.

Steps for Marriage Preparation

1. Preparation Booklet

Once you have decided that St Mark’s is where you wish to marry you will need to follow our wedding preparation booklet. As a couple you work through the marriage preparation booklet ‘I, You and Us’ (copies of which are provided). This is followed by a 1.5 hour meeting with your celebrant to follow up on what you have discovered (time and date decided with your celebrant).

2. Church attendance

As part of your preparation for marriage at St Mark’s, so that you can get to know our church community and we can get to know you, you are required to attend at least 4 worship services before your wedding. Sunday worship is at 8.45am and 10.30am.

3. Meeting with the Celebrant

This meeting is to work through preparing your ceremony and plan your order of service. This will be a 1.5 hour meeting and will normally take place at the minister’s residence or at the church at times mutually convenient.

4. The wedding rehearsal.

Usually held in the week prior to the wedding the rehearsal is an important time for your bridal party and helpers to attend too. The wedding ceremony is practiced in all its detail and some documents must also be signed. Everything will then be ready for your wedding day.

Other Important information:

  • St. Mark’s is an Anglican Church and will use only an authorized Anglican Marriage Service and marriage vows as the basis of your wedding ceremony
  • It is expected that the couple will prepare, publish and copy for distribution a suitable service leaflet for guests at the wedding ceremony. The celebrant will provide past examples and practical advice to assist couples in this task.
  • If your florist needs access to church please discuss the requirements with your celebrant.
  • Date and time of wedding shall be negotiated with the celebrant.
  • Dates will only be guaranteed after a non-refundable deposit of $100 and a Notice of Intended Marriage have been received.

Marriage Fee

There is a fee of $600 which includes:

  • Marriage Preparation
  • Clergy
  • Church
  • Administration
  • Organist