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To be transfigured is to be changed in appearance in such a way as to reveal your true self. Jesus is transfigured before the eyes of the disciples, Peter, James, and John, whom he has taken up the mountain to witness this revelation of who Jesus is and always has been – the Son of the Living God. His glory is ‘veiled in flesh’ as he travels around Israel with his disciples and he looks and acts like any other human being, which is of course, because he is like any other human being. Jesus is 100% human. This moment of revelation is to show these three who will be the leaders of the early church, and who each have a different role in its growth, the stunning truth – that Jesus is also 100% God. The transfiguration of Jesus was overwhelmingly glorious and it terrified these three men. Not surprisingly they had no language for it and no idea what to do in the face of such a sight. To see Jesus as the glorious Son and to see Elijah and Moses, glorified and eternally alive, talking with Jesus was beyond their ken. Peter’s ‘foot in mouth moment’ is magnificent in its humanity, and shows how strategic he can be, even when stunned and terrified. If this is going to be how things are then Peter will sort out the practicalities! Of course, it is the Father’s voice booming from the cloud which descends on them which makes clear what they are to take from this moment. “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him”. End of glorious experience. There is no further instruction for they need none. Jesus will tell them what they need to know, and what he says is simple. ‘You can tell people about this after I have risen from the dead’. I can hear them saying to one another, ‘Risen from the dead? That’s interesting, how does that work?’ This mountaintop revelation was a foretaste of the day when Jesus stood in the upper room alive. At that moment things which were so puzzling finally made sense – and they saw the resurrected Jesus and believed. Now what relevance does this wonderful moment on a mountaintop have for us today? Firstly, it is a lesson in Jesus’ divinity. We cannot treat him only as our friend – he deserves our worship and obedience. Secondly, there is more! Look to the resurrected Jesus, the Lamb upon the throne. Truth which transforms our ordinary lives is found in him alone, for heaven and humanity meet in that place where he is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us.


This Week

TODAY: Holy Communion, 8.45am
Family Service, 10.30am
MONDAY: Study Group – The Gifts of the Spirit (4 week study)
St Mark’s, 7.00pm
Contact Kevin or Anne (0438 234 857)
TUESDAY: Online Study Group,7.00pm
Contact Graeme (0490 664 843)
Zoom Prayer Meeting, 1.30pm
Contact John (0421426156)
WEDNESDAY: Holy Communion, 10.00am
Study Group St Mark’s,11.00am
Contact Keith (0419 551 082)
Festival Meeting, St Mark’s, 12.30pm
Cuppa, Craft & Chat Group St Mark’s, 12.30pm
Contact Robyn (0409 425 044)
THURSDAY: Women’s Bible Study, St Mark’s, 9.30am
Contact Fay (0401 404 280)
Women’s Quiet Morning, St Mark’s, 10.00am
Contact Fay (0401 404 280)
Men’s Coffee & Chat Blackthorn Café, 10.00am
Contact Steve (0437 984 679)
Study Group – The Gifts of the Spirit (4 week study)
St Mark’s, 7.00pm – 9.00pm
(Contact Janice)
NEXT SUNDAY: Holy Communion, 8.45am
Family Service, 10.30am
Healing Service, 5:30pm

Worship Times

SUNDAY: 8.45am Holy Communion
10.30am Family Worship with Children’s Ministry
(Holy Communion – 1st Sundays)
5.00pm Healing Service – 1st Sundays
WEDNESDAY: 10.00am Holy Communion

Parish Contact Details

Monitored contact points 0493 280 691
Parish Web Addresses
Facebook page
Pastoral Care Coordinators Kevin and Anne Cranwell (0438 234 457 Kevin)


Working Bee

A Church Hedges & Garden Working Bee will be held on Tuesday 22nd August, commencing at 9.30am. It is planned to trim all the hedges and attend to all the church gardens. Many hands make light work, even if for 1 hour. Please let Graeme King 0490 664 843 know if you are able to assist.

Festival Fete

For everyone contributing their cooking skills to the Festival Fete, there are labels available in the Narthex. All goods for sale must have your ID number listed on the label. The sheet with the ID list is also on the table. If your name is not already on the list there are spare numbers on the sheet, please add your name beside the number you will use.
Thank you. Cheryl.

Festival Meeting

Festival helpers will be meeting in the church 12.30pm Wednesday 9th August. All are welcome. Bring your lunch and stay for craft and a cuppa. We will decide on publicity and draft the sign-up sheets to ask for the help we might need to run the stalls and events. Please be praying about your part in this weekend and how we can glorify God as we showcase our new windows to the community.
Carol and Cheryl.

Women’s Quiet Morning

10.00am Thursday 10 August 2023 St Mark’s Anglican Church. All women are invited to a Quiet Morning with an opportunity for reflection in the stillness of a busy life; set apart in His word with music, poetry & visual display. God is within her, she will not fail; God will help her at break of day. Psalm 46:5

For more information, please contact Fay on 0401 404 280

Special Services 2023

20th August Evensong – St Mark’s, Balnarring
10th September Patronal Festival & Consecration of New Windows
22nd October Evensong – St Mark’s, Dromana
3rd December St John’s, Sorrento – Lessons & Carols for Advent
17th December St Mark’s, Dromana – Lessons & Carols for Christmas

This Week’s Prayer Focus

In our country and the world:

  • For those facing hardship and anguish amid rising costs.
  • For families affected by violence.
  • For those affected by natural disasters in around the world.
  • For King Charles III, the UK and the Commonwealth.
  • For peace and unity in countries around the World.
  • For aid agencies such as “Save the Children”, Oxfam, CARE, UNICEF, World Vision.

In our community:

  • For teachers and students.
  • For doctors, nurses, paramedics, Coast Guard, the CFA & SES.
  • For local community outreach groups such as the Dromana Community House and “Food for All”.

In our Diocese and beyond:

  • For Archbishop Geoffrey Smith’s ministry as Primate of Australia.
  • For Archbishop Philip Freier’s ministry in the Diocese of Melbourne.
  • For the ministry of Bishop Paul Barker in the Jumbunna Region and for Archdeacon Helen Phillips in the Frankston Archdeaconry. Give thanks that Archdeacon Helen is now well and beginning to return to work.
  • In our Deanery, we pray for the Parish of St George’s Red Hill and their Vicar Rev’d Fiona Goy.
  • For the work of the Church Missionary Society and Wei-Han the Victorian Director.
  • For Anna Radkovic our CMS Link Missionary. Anna Radkovic has now left Australia and is on her way to Kenya. Her updated prayer letter is on the board in the Narthex.
  • For Christian churches around the world to be free to worship and be witnesses of the love of God as shown through the coming of His Son.

In our Parish:

  • For our leadership and ministry teams.
  • For Rev’d Janice O’Gorman our Vicar.
  • For the finances of our Parish.
  • For our Parish, its people and those we reach out to every week.
  • For the Fête and Patronal Festival in September.
  • For the success of the new Family and Children’s Ministry.
  • For: Tom, Irene Cowdell, family of Malcolm Bird, family Guy, Ruth.