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The Christian festival of Epiphany is the day we celebrate the visit of the Magi (wise men) from the East to Jesus at Bethlehem. The word Magi was used to describe the advisers to the kings of the eastern kingdoms dating back to the times of Darius who we see in the book of Daniel as King of Babylon after the Medes and Persians had conquered the nation. Magi were men who were knowledgeable in astrology, astronomy and the religious and cultural understandings of the interpretation of dreams and other secret arts. They were not necessarily wise, as such, but learned. These men, who would have been gentiles, coming from Persia, have seen a star rising which they have interpreted as showing them that a child has been born ‘King of the Jews’. The story Matthew tells has the star moving until it rested over the place where Jesus was. Certainly a star that moves and leads is not usual! Can we see the hand of God here? By this stage Jesus is no longer a baby in a manger. Matthew tells us that the Magi came to the house where Mary and Joseph were living with Jesus. There these wise men from the East worshipped Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. What does all this mean, and why is it important? The significance is not in the gifts given, but in the ones who brought them to Jesus. Here we see gentile leaders recognising the Messiah when the Jewish leaders do not. Here Jesus is revealed to the gentiles for the first time – and celebrated. From the very beginning of his life on earth Jesus is Saviour of the gentiles as well as the Jews. Every human being has access to God through Jesus, and this moment is the beginning of the tearing down of the division. As the Apostle Paul puts it, ‘In former generations this mystery was not made known to humankind, as it has now been revealed to his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit: that is, the Gentiles have become fellow-heirs, members of the same body, and sharers in the promise in Christ Jesus through the gospel’… ‘This was in accordance with the eternal purpose that he has carried out in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have access to God in boldness and confidence through faith in him.’ (Eph 3:5-6,11-12) Worth celebrating, don’t you think?


This Week

SUNDAY: Holy Communion, 8.45am
Family Service, 10.30am
WEDNESDAY: Holy Communion, 10.00am
NEXT SUNDAY: Holy Communion, 8.45am
Family Service, 10.30am

Regular Worship Times

SUNDAY: 8.45am Holy Communion
10.30am Family Worship with Children’s Ministry
(Holy Communion – 1st Sundays)
6.00pm Healing Service – 1st Sundays
WEDNESDAY: 10.00am Holy Communion

Parish Contact Details

Monitored contact points 0493 280 691
Parish Web Addresses
Facebook page
Pastoral Care Coordinators Kevin and Anne Cranwell (0438 234 457 Kevin)


Cologne Orchestra concert preparation…

Tickets are now available for purchase from the Dromana Information Centre for the Cologne Orchestra concert here at St Mark’s on 18th January. We will need some assistance to set up the church beforehand and to put it back into order afterwards. If anyone is happy to assist please see Janice.

Carpark Supervision

Men, can you help? Commencing Sunday, 17th December 2023, we plan to have a roster of men from both services to oversee the carpark whenever there are church events. There will be a ‘sign-up” sheet in the foyer. For more information see Kevin (0438 234 857).

Alpha 2024…

Our next Alpha course will begin on Thursday 1st February at 6pm at the home of Steve and Carol Parkinson. Please consider who you can invite to join us as we learn who Jesus really is and answer some of the questions of life together. Contact Carol 0411405597 or Steve 0437984679 for further information.

This Week’s Prayer Focus

In our country and the world:

  • For all victims of the massive earthquake in Japan and the rescue teams.
  • For all suffering from the effects of the bushfires in West Australia and the terrible Christmas storms in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria..
  • For all in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine.
  • For all firefighters in Queensland and NSW, and all those suffering trauma and loss as a result of the fires.
  • For those facing homelessness, hardship, anguish and despair amid rising costs.
  • For families affected by violence.
  • For those affected by natural disasters in around the world.
  • For King Charles III, the UK and the Commonwealth.
  • For peace and unity in countries around the World.
  • For aid agencies such as “Save the Children”, Oxfam, CARE, UNICEF, World Vision.

In our community:

  • For teachers and students.
  • For doctors, nurses, paramedics, Coast Guard, the CFA & SES.
  • For local community outreach groups such as the Dromana Community House and “Food for All”.

In our Diocese and beyond:

  • For Archbishop Geoffrey Smith’s ministry as Primate of Australia.
  • For Archbishop Philip Freier’s ministry in the Diocese of Melbourne.
  • For the ministry of Bishop Paul Barker in the Jumbunna Region and for Archdeacon Helen Phillips in the Frankston Archdeaconry. Give thanks that Archdeacon Helen is now well and beginning to return to work.
  • In our Deanery, we pray for the Parish of St John’s Flinders with St Mark’s Balnarring, their Vicar Rev’d Keiron Jones and Deacon Rev’d Christine Barren.
  • For the work of the Church Missionary Society and Wei-Han the Victorian Director.
  • For Anna Radkovic our CMS Link Missionary. Pray thanks for the progress of Anna’s residency visa.
  • For Christian churches around the world to be free to worship and be witnesses of the love of God as shown through the coming of His Son.

In our Parish:

  • For our leadership and ministry teams.
  • For Rev’d Janice O’Gorman our Vicar.
  • For the finances of our Parish.
  • For our Parish, its people and those we reach out to every week.
  • For the success of the new Family and Children’s Ministry.
  • For the 9am at home prayer time for the Parish, Dromana & Mornington Peninsula.
  • For: Irene’s family and friends, Helen R, Jessica, Audrey, Joan, Christine, Backy, John R, Margie, Fred, Robert, Jan, David, Gu