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A Message from your Locum

“By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another”. John 13:35.

If there is to be one mark of the church, one thing that catches the attention of the wider world, it is this. Love for one another. As Jesus loved us. Sacrificial love. Second mile love.

Why give this command to his disciples? Because it doesn’t always come easily. The church is human relationships. Like in a family, there is not always agreement or unanimity. But that’s not the point. We work out what it means to love and sacrifice anyway. We are bound together. Sisters and brothers, bound to Christ.

Our society struggles with broken and abusive relationships. The church is one place that can model the love and freedom of Christ in the midst of it.

This is a season to embrace and release your gifts, as people and church. To be a blessing to Dromana. To let your love for one another overflow to your surrounds.

It’s been a pleasure to be among you for these three weeks. You have displayed great adaptability this year, with different locums coming and going. May the Lord continue to lead you forward in worship and service and love. There is much to anticipate in all that lies ahead.

Blessings, Phil Hurwood