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Dear friends,

There’s nothing like the birth of a child to turn lives upside down. For those couples who have longed to have a family, when the event happens the reality is – life is disrupted!

The first ‘Christmas’ was no different. Joseph finds out that his betrothed is pregnant before his marriage to Mary – and he’s not the father. Mary is told that the child she is bearing is from the Spirit of God – and that he is the Son of God. Immanuel, God with us. Talk about disruption!

Many Christmases later, in the midst of our busyness, meal planning, good or sad memories, holidays, family joy (or tensions!) the message from God about his Son may come as a

disruption to our lives. Christmas is not a nod to God and the singing of a few nostalgic carols. The one born in the place where the animals were sheltered is no ordinary babe. He is the King of the world, and he calls us to turn our lives around and be his lifelong followers.

How are we his followers to be at this time? Bearers of the peace of Christ in whatever context we find ourselves in – shops, family gatherings, at the beach. Bearers of the message of the truth in love, the good news of Jesus coming, even when there is every pressure to just shut up about Jesus at Christmas. And bearers

of hope, that no-one’s circumstance in life is too hard for God to bring his grace into. A very good disruption.

Loving greetings in Christ,

Peter Woods (Locum Minister)


This Week 

MONDAY 19TH: Study, “The Chosen”, St Mark’s, 7.00pm
Contact Kevin or Anne (0438 234 457)

Parish Contact Details

Monitored contact points 0493 280 691
Parish Web Addressst
Facebook page
Pastoral Care Coordinators Kevin and Anne Cranwell (0438 234 457 Kevin)


Worship Times

SUNDAY: 8.45am Holy Communion.
10.30am Family Worship with Children’s Ministry.
(Holy Communion – 1st Sundays)
5.00pm Healing Service – 1st Sundays.
(5th Sundays) 10.00am  Combined Service.
WEDNESDAY: 10.00am Holy Communion.

Christmas Service Times (Bring someone with you..)

No Ordinary Child 
18th December: 8.45am Holy Communion
10.30am All-age Service
24th December 10.00pm Christmas Eve, Holy Communion
25th December 9.00am Christmas Day, Holy Communion

Alone at Christmas?

If you would like to join someone’s Christmas gathering or would like to offer to have someone join you at one of your Christmas gatherings, please contact me or Kevin in the pastoral care team.

Rev. Peter Woods


January evening meal get-togethers at parishioners’ homes

A sign-up sheet will be available on the notice board for those who would like to host a casual evening meal get-together during the Sunday evenings of January.

It will be a BYO food and drink to share arrangement.

Grace will be said around 6.30pm.


A Christmas Message from Alex Packett

Pam and I wish you all the blessings that Jesus brings as he breaks into our lives.

Love, prayers, and blessings from us both. Alex and Pam


Readings for this week from the Lectionary

Monday 19th Judges 13:2-7, 24-25 Ps 71:17-22 Luke 1:5-25
Tuesday 20th Isaiah 7:10-14 Ps 24:1-6 Luke 1:28-38
Wednesday 21st Zephaniah 3:14-18 Ps 33:17-21 Luke 1:39-45
Thursday 22nd 1 Samuel 1:24-28 Song of Hannah APBA p. 429
Luke 1:46-56
Friday 23rd Malachi 3:1-4; 4:2-3 Ps 25:3-9 Luke 1:57-66
Saturday 24th Isaiah 62:1-5 Ps 89:19-29 Acts 13:16-25
Matthew 1:1-25 or 1:18-25
Sunday 25th night and early morning
Isaiah 9:2-7 Ps96
Titus 2:11-14 Luke 2:1-14 (15-20)
During the day
Isaiah 62:6-12 Ps 97
Titus 3:4-8a Luke 2: (1-7) 8-20

This Week’s Prayer Focus

In our country and the world:

  • For an end to the war in Ukraine and unrest in places all around the
  • For aid agencies such as “Save the Children” which work in places of dire

In our community:

  • For teachers and students to finish the school year well and safely and have a worthwhile summer break.
  • For doctors, nurses, paramedics, the Coast Guard, CFA and SES members especially as the weather warms up and people move around a lot more.
  • For local community outreach groups such as the Dromana Community House and

“Food for All”.

In our Diocese and beyond:

  • For the ministry of Bishop Paul Barker in the Jumbunna Region and Archdeacon Helen Phillips in the Frankston Archdeaconry.
  • For Archbishop Geoffrey Smith’s ministry as Primate of
  • For Archbishop Philip Freier’s ministry in the Diocese of
  • In our Deanery, we pray for the Parish of St John’s Flinders with St Mark’s Balnarring

and their vicar Rev Keiron Jones.

  • For the work of the Church Missionary Society and Wei-Han the Victorian

In our Parish:

  • For our leadership and ministry teams, especially the incumbency
  • For Peter Woods as he leads us as locum, and for Jeanette as she supports
  • For the finances of our
  • For all the preparations for all Christmas
  • For our Parish, its members and those we reach out to every
  • For: Louise Frost; Tony & Heather Such; Robyn Rigby; Jenny & Arnold Sikma; Backy Cowie; Lorna Liddell; Bill Myers; Barb Higgs; Ellen Brindley; Keith & Edna South; Noel Meates; Bianca Wilson; Joe and Betty Madeley; Mon English; Carol Copp; Keryn & Ian Rivett; Adam Maddicks; Kate McGuiness; Beth Harper; Ben Schneider; Rachel and Karl Hiehler; Malcolm Bird; Jan Glass; Peter and Jeanette Woods.